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Britney Spears’ watch Day 4: Is Britney’s Web draw waining?

December 6, 2006

You want it Internet? You got it!

The Britney SpearsLindsay LohanParis Hilton vigil continues here at Hard Drive Life.

Britney and Paris (X17 agency/ABC)But unless Britney flashes another photographer, this will likely be the last “watch” update, as, surprisingly, news related to the pop star’s exploits is getting thin.

That’s even after it was revealed that Britney was Yahoo’s Top Search for 2006. (Second was World Wrestling Entertainment. Woooooo!)

If the run is in fact over, thanks to all of the readers from Netscape, Digg, Reddit and Delicious that stopped by over the past week. Nearly 20,000 readers have checked out my original post on Ms. Spears (Britney’s pics takes Web by storm).

Please feel free to add me to your RSS reader with this feed link or any of the reader-specific buttons on the sidebar to keep updated. You never know when the “axis of evil” may strike again.

Here’s the roundup for Wednesday:

bullet “LIVE” WIRED: I usually TiVo Saturday Night Live and watch it later, so I didn’t catch Amy Poehler‘s funny Weekend Update rant this past weekend addressing Britney’s latest “business” disclosure.

Funniest line from Amy: “What’s next? Pictures of stars pooping out of windows?”

The clip from YouTube is below (WARNING: clip is PG-13 rated … it IS late-night comedy, after all):

bullet PLAYING HOOKY?: Britney has reported been skipping out on recording sessions for her new CD. Blogcritics has the update:

According to recent reports, Britney’s label Jive Records isn’t happy about her late night partying, which according to a source is the reason she “has been missing recent recording sessions.” The article also quotes a source saying that instead of tripping the light fantastic in LA, Spears was “supposed to be at the Marlin Hotel in Miami recording with Pharrell Williams.”

The Neptune’s Williams is less than pleased about having his time wasted. “He is a very busy man in the music industry and doesn’t have time to be messed around like this.” Not to mention Pharrell even had some cupcakes delivered to the recording studio as a little gift to Brit, but Nitwit Brit must’ve forgotten and never showed up.

A once famed multi-tasker, Britney seems to have lost her touch, and she just can’t handle the midnight feedings, slippery nipples, and career all at once. She’s even bailed on her commitment to host the Billboard Music Awards with her new drinking buddy Paris, giving no reason and leaving her pal alone to host the show. Whoa, someone better tell Britney that diapers and formula don’t pay for themselves.

Of course, Paris, in true BFF style, backed out of the awards show a few days later. A new report suggests it was a parody skit about K-Fed that made Hilton quit, looking to spare the hurt young pop star’s feelings

bullet IS THIS REVENGE?: In an ABC News report, a psychologist analyses the Spears’ recent behavior as a possible way of getting revenge on her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

From the report:

Spears’ behavior is the buzz of the Internet, tabloids, office water coolers and even dinner parties. The question on everyone’s lips: What the hell is going on?

Bethany Marshall, a psychoanalyst and relationship specialist, thinks Spears may be acting out against the people who cultivated her pop princess image and her estranged husband, Kevin Federline.

“When you’re in a marriage and you’re controlled by a lot of people, you repress your personality,” Marshall said. “When all of that breaks loose, it’s like the hinges come off the door.”

Marshall speculated that Spears’ exhibitionism could also be her way of getting back at a husband who may not have truly loved her.

“Kevin was naughty. He partied. She may be subconsciously doing to him what he did to her,” she said.

Like a peacock preening its feathers to attract a mate, by flashing her privates, Spears may be trying to lure a new man.

“It is inappropriate, but it’s sort of her saying, ‘I’m back on the market,'” Marshall said.

As for Spears’ habit of hitting the town after dark, Marshall said partying was probably helping her cope with her split from K-Fed.

“A lot of newly divorcing people do a lot of naughty things, but the cameras aren’t rolling the whole time,” she said. “She wants to have a good time just like any other man or woman who’s going through a divorce.”

So, Britney’s flashing is a way of attracting a mate? To quote Monty Python: “Beautiful bird, the Norwegian Blue, eh? …. beautiful plumage!”

bullet EX SAYS BI: Britney’s ex-husband of 55 hours, Jason Alexander, did an interview featured in the blog I’m Not about his former childhood love. While talking about Britney’s split with K-Fed, he managed to slip in the tidbit that he believes Spears is bisexual. More from the blog’s interview:

On Britney’s Sexual Preferences:

“All beautiful girls like other girls in some way. All girls are attracted to other girls. She found other girls attractive, yes, but we never did anything about it. Our relationship was about us. We just weren’t together long enough for that to come up really.” Then he teased: “That’s not to say that I don’t know anything about threesomes.

The blog writer and I both had the same reaction: What relationship?!?!? Remember, 55 Hours!!

bullet HAS LOHAN BEEN REPLACED?: With Lindsay Lohan attending AA meetings and trying to get on the straight-and-narrow, it looks like English glamour model and actress Katie Price may be filling her party shoes in the “axis of evil,” according to this report from the Daily India.

Lindsay’s recent appearance at the GQ Man of the Year awards was A DISASTER, by some accounts. Failed flirting attempts all around.

bullet IT’S 10 P.M., DO YOU KNOW WHERE MOM IS?: Britney’s partying has not just been noticed by swarms of Net media, it has also perked the interest of the LA Department of Children and Family Services, according to a Page Six report, noted here:

Inevitably, Britney’s night long daily partying, in the company of hotel heiress Paris Hilton and foul mouthed oil heir Barandon Davis, seem to have caught up with her. The LA Department of Children and Family Services has been trying to get in touch with her. A source close to Britney Spears told PageSix, “The department has been calling Britney trying to set up a meeting with her, so they can check on [Spears’ baby sons Sean Preston and Jaden James]. The calls started after this recent bout of bizarre public behavior.”

The report, if correct, could spell serious trouble for Spears who had a visit from the LA child services and Malibu station Sheriffs earlier this year in April when Little Sean Preston, then aged seven months, reportedly fell from his high chair and suffered a serious head injury. Spears and estranged husband Kevin Federline were then living together.

Star magazine, which broke the news of that incident, had claimed the youngster fell from his seat on April 1 but the superstar couple only noticed something was wrong six days later on April 7 when their son started sleeping more than usual.

While it is possible that child services is now trying to get in touch with Spears in connection with the April incident, a case for neglect may well have emerged based on Britney’s recent partying. Page Six reports that on three different occasions, when her partying ended, Spears checked into a L.A. hotel instead of going home. It is assumed that her two infant sons are being looked after by her mother.

The report also tells of Britney’s family members trying to intervene in her party life, strongly reminding her that she’s a mother now, and needs to act like one. Amen Spears clan! I’m sure K-Fed’s lawyers are keeping tabs on the situation.

bullet THERE GOES THE PERFUME LINE: Spears’ numerous products and endorsements are under fire by the family values crowd, who are suggesting boycotts of her products.

From the Fox News article:

Charmaine Yoest, communications vice president for the conservative Family Research Council think tank and the mother of five children, said that if her kids asked for Spears’ fragrances, Curious and Fantasy, or a Britney album or DVD, she’d tell them, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“We’re not going to buy products from people who have such a flagrant disregard for moral values and who show no concern for their role as models for young people,” Yoest said. “It’s absolutely going to hurt her sales. She’s really gone too far over the boundaries of good taste.”

Yoest said her 13-year-old daughter “is not interested in Britney anymore, or Lindsay Lohan either.” Lohan has also been photographed in the past wearing nothing underneath.

“My daughter just looks at Britney and Lindsay and goes ‘Ick,'” said Yoest. “I think these pop stars underestimate how smart young girls are.”

Department stores like Macy’s, which sells the Britney Spears Beauty fragrances Curious and Fantasy, won’t reveal sales figures for any of their products — including those for the pop tart’s perfumes in the wake of the commando scandal.

But Lea Goldman, an associate editor at Forbes magazine, said the fragrances could take a hit.

“It’s conceivable that it might hurt sales of her perfume, especially because of the timing of this since we’re going into the holiday season,” she said

“You have mothers going in to buy stocking stuffers and presents for their daughters, and they certainly don’t want their daughters projecting that image. This isn’t something they want to glorify.”

I’m sure using the pickup line, “Wow, you smell just like Britney Spears” would not go over well in most households.

But check this out: Britney seems to be on sale at Wal-Mart! Man, she gets around!

bullet SPEARS CRASHING HARD…DRIVES: Yeah, everyone’s getting traffic on their Britney Spears-related blog posts and news coverage. Just look at the WordPress Blogs of the Day and top posts, and you’ll be sure to see a wide selection of Britney “uncoverage” coverage. Tabloid site PinoySpy has the details:

Celebrity websites and blogs are one in blaming Britney Spears’ vagina for crashing servers and slowing down websites all over the world as the public go on a frenzy searching for the now infamous Britney Spears pantyless pics.

PerezHilton, a popular celebrity site that blogs about Hollywood gossips, in a message posted Nov. 30, boasted that it had a record 3.97 million unique visitors in the previous 24 hours, thanks to uncensored images of Britney Spears without underwear.

Again, I still refuse to link directly to any pictures of Britney’s private parts. Please Google them for yourself, thanks.

Justin pining?

bullet AND FINALLY, A REUNION?: Several sites are abuzz with rumors that Britney may have reached out to ex-beau Justin Timberlake for assistance and moral support (wow, “moral” AND “Britney” in the same sentence!) as she divorced K-Fed, going as far as claiming Spears will do anything to have the former N’SYNC star back in her life.

Of course, Timberlake, a former Mouseketeer with Spears, would have to dump movie starlet Cameron Diaz first.

He didn’t seem very interested in the pantless powerhouse as a Hollywood club last week, according to reports that said he “avoided her like the plague.” Ouch!

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