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Why there’s not journalism awards ceremonies on TV in the USA

December 1, 2006

Journalists are a proud bunch. Whether it’s a freelancer, staff writer, editorial writer or columnist, they all are finely crafting every word and phrase to create vivid mental imagery for their audiences.

Journalists protest in IndiaThey take their work seriously, and strive to be at the pinnacle of their craft.

Meanwhile, I craft this blog through the ample use of a Boggle cube. Excuse me while I create the next paragraph. **rattle rattle**

In Sydney, Austrailia, they also take journalism very seriously. Some more seriously than others.

At the recent Walkley Awards for journalists (a black-tie affair), The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a disgruntled political columnist attacked an awards presenter.

From the Herald (video clip on the site as well):

[Stephen] Mayne had just finished awarding the best business news report to The Australian Financial Review‘s Morgan Mellish when Glenn Milne, a columnist for The Sunday Telegraph, rushed up onto the stage and accosted Mayne, pushing him off the platform and onto the floor.

Milne then began berating Mayne from the stage as the audience, which consisted of a representation of Australia’s top journalists, looked on bemused and surprised.

Milne called Mayne “a disgrace” and continued to abuse him from the stage, while the floor manager rushed to restrain him.

Mayne jumped back on stage but Milne almost broke free from the clutches of the floor manager, forcing Mayne to jump from the stage.
Milne was then escorted from the stage and ejected from the Crown Casino Palladium Ballroom.

Milne later apologized, and said the incident was “‘shocking consequences’ of mixing alcohol and migraine medication.”

Thanks to Romenesko for clueing me in to this story!

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