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Will Jeopardy’s super champ lead the 100 vs. the 1?

November 30, 2006

Got word in today’s Lancaster New Era that Jeopardy’s Ultimate Tournament of Champions winner Brad Rutter of Manheim Township will be part of “the mob” of 100 on Friday night’s 1 vs. 100 game show on NBC.

Brad Rutter Rutter has total earnings of $3,255,102 on Jeopardy! to date, and could be considered the greatest Jeopardy! player of all-time.

If you recall, Rutter trounced Jeopardy’s win-streak record holder Ken Jennings in that two-day tournament in 2005.  Rutter dominated the buzzer, beating Jennings to the punch over and over and over.

Jennings was on 1 vs. 100 during the show’s first few episodes, eliminated from the mob by a question about what color a number was on a roulette wheel (a 50/50 chance, red or black). Jennings won a mere $714.29 on that show.  Here’s hoping Brad has better luck!

For more, read Anya Litvak’s story in today’s New Era (Link).

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