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Look out Scoble! Here we come!

November 30, 2006

[UPDATE: We started Friday out as the No. 5 overall top blog on, and have the No. 2 overall post on the site.  We are also ranked as the 59th fastest growing blog on WordPress.  We can’t thank you enough.  Also, thank you and welcome to all of our readers from Digg and Reddit as well.]

Hey, check it out!

Hard Drive Life is now at No. 50 43 31 23 (of 500,000?) on’s most-popular blogs, and we have the No. 9 5 6 post of the day, thanks to Ms. Britney Spears and her lack of below-the-waist attire.

We at Lancaster Online thank you! I appreciate you giving this new blogger a chance. And thanks to all the diggers out there.

Hope you stop back again for some helpings of pop culture and tech, or subscribe to my RSS feed to keep alerted.

Now, if I can just catch Internet evangelist Robert Scoble and his Scobleizer, the perennial No. 1 WordPress blog … We’re gunnin’ for you Bob!!!

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