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Hot Rumor: More Wiis and PS3s in stores Sunday?

November 30, 2006

Kotaku’s got the tip from both Circuit City and Target stores that both should be receiving shipments of Nintendo Wii systems and Playstation 3 consoles this weekend and next week. That’s Hot! PS3 and Wii controllers

The anonymous tipsters say there should be about 50 Wiis at Target on Sunday (no mention of PS3 count), while Big Red should be receiving…well, let him tell the story via Kokatu

I work at Circuit City and we’re supposed to be doing a company wide re-launch of the Wii on Sunday, December 3rd. My store is getting 54 units, which is slightly above the average of 40 or so, and every Circuit is getting between 15 and 132 consoles.

Also, every Circuit will be getting 5-40 PS3’s across this week (before 12/1) and next week (between 12/1 and 12/6). My store is getting 26 across both weeks, which is once again above the average. The PS3’s will be both 20 and 60 GB models. Mostly 60 GB’s at roughly a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. The PS3’s are supposed to be sold upon receipt, so people might want to check their local store’s truck schedule.

Since Sony is only expected to be putting out 500,000-800,000 PS3’s before Jan. 1, you might want to camp overnight next week if you need one for Christmas. I’ll bring the hibatchi!

Rumor: More Wiis and PS3s Hitting Retail Sunday? [Kotaku]

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