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Monkeys = funny

November 28, 2006

One motto I’ve learned in life is this:

If you have a slow news day, find some monkeys.

Thai monkeys feast on frozen foods (AP)This line of thinking is also shared by WTOP, a news-talk radio station in Washington D.C., which hosts a “Monkey Blog” on their site.

I saw the video of this story on Reuters yesterday, and it made me laugh — the key to any good monkey story.

A small town in Thailand, Lopburi, offers up a feast of fruits, cookies, candy and vegetables for the area’s monkeys, as a way of thanking them for drawing tourists to the town, and as a way of drawing good karma.

Then hilarity ensues, because there’s nothing better than a monkey hepped up on chocolate.

From the Reuters article:

Annual monkey banquet in Thailand attracts hundreds of locals and tourists to the small town of Lopburi.

Every year, the town of Lopburi in Thailand hosts a special outdoor feast for it’s most loved and sacred residents; it’s monkeys.

Villagers prepare giant colourful ice blocks filled with fruit and flowers for the furry guests of honour at the ancient pagoda of Prang Sam Yod.

The villagers also prepare a lavish banquet with tables topped with 2,000 kilogrammes of fruit, cookies, candy and Thai desserts.

This year the guests took to the tables with vigour and many seemed as though they had left their manners at home — fighting over the candy and stuffing their mouths with the tasty treats.

For the full narrated video, click this link.

Want even more monkey news? Reuters also features this video feature on an orangutan “jungle school.”


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