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Yo Quiero Playstation 3!

November 22, 2006

This has to be the tastiest PS3 promotion I’ve seen.
If you experienced the hunger of waiting in line for days at your local retailer to snag a Playstation 3, would you be willing to trade it in for a virtual lifetime supply of cheesy gordita crunches?

Taco Bell has the deal for you. First one to offer up their PS3 to the taco gods will get $12,500 in free food from the fast-food chain. That’s 12,500 value menu items, folks. And I didn’t even know that Chihuahaus could play video games!

Now, unfortunately, this was a West coast promotion, and the company has said that 24 people have e-mailed with offers already. Darn!

CNET logoBut, if you’re a fan of tech news and reviews (and PS3), CNet will give you another chance to snag a rare PS3 system on Black Friday during their live call-in shopping help marathon. They’ll give away one per hour to a caller, I presume.

(Hint: Mention pirates and/or ninjas when Buzz Out Loud podcast hosts Molly Wood and/or Veronica Belmont are on the air, and you could make the cut.)

They mention to let the CNet operator know if you have a webcam, so please shower and comb your hair before becoming part of the show, and you might have that PS3 for the holidays after all.

And who wants to see you in your monkey pajamas anyway?


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