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November 17, 2006

OK Costco, you decide you’ll sell Playstation 3 only off of your online site. Wise, considering all the dangers of waiting in line at stores.

So, I take a gander at your site at 11 a.m. and try to place an order, just to see what the experience was like to put a $700 bundle in my shopping cart, and dream…

More like nightmares.

I go to the home page, which, after many “site error” tries, takes 6 minutes to fully load. I click the PS3 bundle link and get shuttled directly to the bundle product page (item 333333. Why not 666666 considering?), which features the $599 PS3 console, an extra SixAxis controller and a game called Genji.

I push “Add to Cart” and wait. *tick tick tick tick*

I have a Costco membership number handy (thanks to my frat brother Brian) and wait to snag my share of fortune and glory in the checkout screen.

Then, sadly, a “runtime error” message opens up, and that’s the end of that page’s usefulness. Any attempts to backtrack or refresh results in the site’s error page. My other browser tabs’ attempts meet similar fates.

Argh! Glad to see I’m not the only one that experienced this, as a blogger at found similar results.

So did Costco sell out very early and the errors came from the lack of inventory? Or did Costco’s site just flat out croak in the face of desperate fanboys? (it’s 1:10 p.m. EST, and Costco’s site is STILL down for the count).

So, your last chance to get a PS3 online (other than eBay) is Gamestop/EB Games site, which will put up a limited number of PS3 $499 system bundles for sale “tonight,” according to e-mails sent out last night. No time was given.


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