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iPhone is coming

November 16, 2006

It’s coming, if you believe Internet reports. Fire up the giddyness!

The long-awaited Apple iPod phone, the “iPhone”, will soon be reality.

Thanks to CNN and a Chinese newspaper, The Commercial Times, the word is out that a China factory, Hon Hai Precision Industry, aka Foxconn, has a contract to make 12 million iPod handsets.

The rumor mill is abuzz that the iPhone will be displayed at MacWorld in January, and will be released in mid-2007.

Of course, the first “Apple phone”, the Motorola ROKR, did not go over well, but this one, made to Apple’s specifications and style, could go over HUGE.

And if the rumors are true that Apple will sell this phone “unlocked”, (BlackFriars Inc. picked this up too) and all you have to do is put in your current carrier’s phone SIM card into the iPhone and it’ll work, I would pay up to $300 for it. It might end up costing that much if Apple goes carrier-free, because there will be no rebates to cushion the wallet shock.

Now, the art shown above was an artist’s conception done at, but this new blog is posting other possible visions of what the iPhone should look like.


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