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November 16, 2006


You know, it’s been a long day, you’re on your way out to begin your drive home, and you see this!

Britain’s Daily Mail is reporting that the owner of this Brazilian cat, Mimi, gave birth to three offspring that resemble puppies after mating with a neighbor’s dog.

catdog!I think this may be the only way my cat-loving wife will ever let me have a dog.

“But Honey…it’s only HALF a dog!”  Hmm …what’s half of “not on your life?”

But think of the novelty.  A cat that comes and greets you at the door, dragging its frisbee, and scratching up the couch with its claws.

Come to think of it, let’s get moving with this new breed and create the ultimate attack/guard animal.

Can you imagine the first 100-lb. German Shepherd catdogs?   Awww, yeah!

Unfortunately, I can see puppy mills owners here salavating, waiting to crank them out.

Did this cat breed with a dog? | the Daily Mail


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