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Turkey talk

November 15, 2006

Last night at the grocery/electronics/gardening/hardware hybrid store, I came across frozen turkeys, at a rather good price of 68 cents per pound.

Immediately remembering that we hadn’t bought our holiday bird yet, I called home to inform my wife of the amazing sale price. She said not to worry, and that she would pick up a turkey this week, so it has plenty of time to thaw out by Thursday.

Turkey timeSo there goes my “Awww, you bought the turkey.” hero husband moment.

But that’s OK. In the back of my mind, I wasn’t looking forward to playing refrigerator Tetris, trying to make room for the bird amongst the leftovers and soda. Now I have a little time to eat and drink out a space for the turkey. And I’m very good at THAT kind of work.

At the store’s price of 68 cents per pound, the turkey is almost 25 cents below wholesale, according to the Associated Press’ ASAP site — one of the higher prices in recent years for the Thanksgiving bird.

Despite the higher wholesale price, grocers are using the discounted birds as a loss leader, to draw in customers who will likely buy other items that have higher profit margins (bread for stuffing, produce, bakery goods, etc.)

That’s good (and tasty) marketing.

But some sites this year have farm-fresh organic turkeys selling for $200 apiece. And let’s not even discuss the $100-plus for a turducken, which looks like the most heavenly holiday treat ever.
Why can’t evolution scientists give us naturally-raised turduckens in the future? Swimming turkeys with duck bills and webbed feet that lay eggs for omelets. Mmmmm…Turkey soda at Jones Soda

Now, if you’d rather have your turkey and gravy in a bottle, Jones Soda has its annual holiday dinner soda pack (seen at left), with seasonal flavors Turkey and Gravy, Dinner Roll, Peas, Sweet Potato and Antacid (uhh…ewww!). Part of the sales go to charity, so pick one up at Target and share with your family.

Call it Thanksgiving Fear Factor! Loser does the dishes!


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