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Rats to PS3 online hopes at Gamestop

November 14, 2006

No soup Playstation 3 for you, according to Gamestop.

The video-game retailer, which started selling PS3 reservations as far back as 2005 (yes, I thought about it then too), has now announced on its Web site that it will not be selling any PS3 systems on its site until all in-store pre-sales (which were reserved for $100 apiece) are filled.

WHAT?!?! I’ve been checking that page for 6 months, and I get nada?!?!

Each store is expected to get about 16 systems apiece, which is more than the 10 per store Wal-Mart is promising.

The system launches Friday morning in the USA. Gamestop says it should be sometime around Christmas when the PS3 systems will be available online.

I had secretly hoped that I could snag one of their highly-overpriced, all-inclusive PS3 bundles that were expected to be priced at near-$1,000.
Oh well, there’s always that $500 Wii bundle [retail $250 system + $350 worth of games/accessories]. Damn, that’s sold out too!

BusinessWeek has already slammed Gamestop and EB Games for these ridiculously-priced packages, maxing out on “upsell” — the retail term for pushing high-profit, low margin accessory items with a game system (which has little profit). This time, consumers have no choice but to buy the whole package deal, or get shut out.

If you’re still jonesing for one of these high-priced bad boys, your best bet is to pitch a tent outside Target, Circuit City or Best Buy, and wait for morning. Unless you skip work Thursday, you’ll get to Wal-Mart way after all the schoolkids do, and will be shut-out of the midnight release sale.

Remember, fortune and glory! – PlayStation 3 Information


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