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Coming Zune (tomorrow!)

November 13, 2006

Zune!I’m eager to see the public interest in Microsoft‘s new digital media “no, I’m not an iPod” player, the Zune. It hits stores tomorrow.

I just started to see Zune commercials during NFL games yesterday, and they seem to show everything BUT the device. That’s called “hipness” folks. Try to develop buzz around the brand, and hope interested people are drawn to the product.

Here’s a sample commercial, which I think illustrates the device’s ability to share music through a Wi-fi connection. Unless the Zune can set birds on fire …

Mmm … roasted chicken!

Early reviews in the press are seeing that the $250 device is lacking in some features that make the iPod so popular, but the Zune’s built-in FM tuner, Wi-fi capability and 3-inch screen (slightly bigger than the 2.5-inch video iPod screen) hope to be a turning point.

Except that the Wi-fi feature is crippled so that you can only use it to connect to other Zunes, not your PC or the Internet.  Businessweek calls this a very bad move.
And no podcasting support at launch? How am I supposed to watch Ask a Ninja over my lunch break? Let’s pray for a firmware upgrade ASAP. Or are you afraid Apple will sue you for using the name “pod” in that feature?

But hey! It comes in BROWN, which is the new black, according to some fashionistas.

Here’s links to reviews of the Zune in the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, EE Times, Gizmodo, SanFran Chronicle, and CNET’s Crave blog.

Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy Ask a Ninja on my 60GB iPod video. Let’s wait and see.


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