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YouTube challenger No. 34: DotComedy

November 10, 2006

DotComedy logoNBC has jumped into the viral video fray with their new site, DotComedy.  Great, more content for us bloggers to link to.

At first glance, DotComedy seems to be more of an online television network. One of its original shows is a Daily Show clone hosted by ex-Daily and current NPR corespondent Brian Unger, offering to pay you $50 for your news jokes (The show is called “Untitled News Comedy Show”… hmmm, can’t afford marketing people to think up a name?).

Some of the best I found at the site, still in its infancy:

  • A parody of the video game characters from Double Dragon, 15 years later, working in a cubicle farm. (Link)
  • Episodes of the old HBO series “Dream On“, which is still very funny (but rated MA for mature audiences) and other NBC Universal owned shows.

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