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Yo-yo balls turn on their human overlords; Feds investigate

November 10, 2006

While it might not be on par with SNL’s Happy Fun Ball (seen above), the new hot toy at amusement parks is the Yo-Yo Ball, a liquid-filled squeezy ball (or Koosh-like ball) on an elastic rope.

Yo yo ball!Wholesale cost: 75 cents. Price to you, the parent, as you attempt to get your drowsy, crabby child back to the car at the end of a long day at Hersheypark, $5.

Now, these silly toys are the subject of an investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as reports of these toys getting wrapped around children’s necks, causing near-strangulation.

From the original MSNBC investigative article:

For three years now, Lisa Lipin, a mother in Skokie, Ill., has been leading the effort to get Yo-Yo Balls banned. In 2003, her 5-year-old son Andrew was injured when he had a Yo-Yo Ball cord wrap around his neck. CPSC investigated and refused to recall the toy, saying the risk of strangulation was not great enough.

I’m surprised black eyes aren’t more prevalent with these toys. I watched a young Hersheypark worker over the summer demonstrating these toys, and missed catching one as it was coming back up and it hit her in the face.

Ouch! Canada has already gotten smart and banned these “dangerous” toys.


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