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8 days to go: Playstation 3 hype building

November 9, 2006

Esoteric commercials aside, only 8 days until the newest video-game system hits shelves, and quickly sells out. Sony’s Playstation 3 is marketed as a huge advance in video gaming, bringing the power of an advanced computer to a home console.

Throw in the latest in media formats, the Blu-Ray high-definition disc, HDMI high-def connections, and Sony’s highly-touted Cell processor, and it’s one power-packed machine.

For only $599. Yeah, that’s in most of our price ranges…

But some of the PS3 media out on the Net makes me salivate, and want to mortgage our cat to get one of these.

Granted, the cat will object. So will my wife. It’s her cat.

Check out this clip of a new card game (above) called “Eye of Judgement” coming out for the PS3 and it’s camera accessory. This makes fans of Yu-Gi-Oh wish for their own PS3 game. (BTW … if you have a child between 6-13 years old and they don’t know what Yu-Gi-Oh is, then you are an AMAZINGLY good parent!)

And here’s some video of my favorite game, Madden NFL Football for the PS3. You can almost see in HD how bad the Steelers are.


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