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UPDATE: Britney’s split timing due to pre-nup?

November 8, 2006

Britney ringless?

Lots of fallout from the Britney and Kevin mega-divorce as the media gets its grips around what TRULY is the most-important, non-important story for America!

(Britney…single and available again! … CALL ME!)

FOX’s gossip columnist Roger Freidman is reporting that certain clauses in the couple’s pre-nuptial agreement would have paid “K-Fed” an additional sum of money upon divorce for every anniversary they survived (give or take a 30-day grace period). The divorce came a few days after their two-year anniversary.

So, with Britney sporting her new look Monday night on Letterman (pic above), you have to think that she’s starting the “Britney revival” effort, and looking cut her losses on her wanna-be-rapper husband.

Also, MSNBC/Newsweek reports that Federline may have been so wrapped up in his upcoming rap album promotion and tour that he didn’t see the divorce coming. Maybe because he was thinking up divorce filings and shenanigans of his own, using the Spears’ babies as pawns in a settlement gainer, according to Popsugar blog.

From Life&Style Magazine:

As early as last May, Kevin, 28, began secretly meeting with his lawyer, Mark Kaplan, to work out a settlement deal with Britney, 24. Kevin was prepared to use their son, Sean Preston, now 1, as leverage: If Britney didn’t give Kevin $10 million, plus their $10 million Malibu mansion, he would sue her for custody, claims an insider. “Kevin knows that Sean is Britney’s Achilles’ heel,” an insider says.

But the couple stayed together through the birth of their second son, Jayden James, now 2 months. Yet Life & Style knows that Kevin recently went back to his lawyer for more secret divorce talks — and this time, he had two babies to use as pawns. He was hoping to score a $30 million payday.

All I can say is one word… five letters …


Good for you, Britney. Oprah is on line 2, waiting to book you…


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