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Steamed crabs a memory?

November 3, 2006

50 years from now: I can see me telling my grandkids stories about how there used to be these things called “crabcakes” made of these little swimming, pinching animals…

This scenario could be a reality, according to the journal Science. They are predicting that the oceans could be fished out by 2048, and environmental changes will not allow species to repopulate.

From the AP article:

“At this point 29 percent of fish and seafood species have collapsed – that is, their catch has declined by 90 percent. It is a very clear trend, and it is accelerating,” Worm said. “If the long-term trend continues, all fish and seafood species are projected to collapse within my lifetime – by 2048.”

“It looks grim and the projection of the trend into the future looks even grimmer,” he said. “But it’s not too late to turn this around. It can be done, but it must be done soon. We need a shift from single species management to ecosystem management. It just requires a big chunk of political will to do it.”

Hmmmm…. better start that stock of crab meat in the freezer. But the National Fisheries Institute comes to my rescue!

“Fish stocks naturally fluctuate in population,” the institute said in a statement. “By developing new technologies that capture target species more efficiently and result in less impact on other species or the environment, we are helping to ensure our industry does not adversely affect surrounding ecosystems or damage native species.

I pinch!Whew! Maryland steamed crabs for everyone! Here’s how to eat them.


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