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Squirrel attacks Oil City postal worker

November 2, 2006

SQUIRREL! (Courtesy of Jim Bailey /’s that time of year. The squirrels here in Pennsylvania are getting desperate for nuts and acorns as the weather gets colder and the leaves fall.   I can relate. You can barely see my lawn with the amount of leaves that can fall in a few days.  How’s a squirrel to survive?

One Oil City squirrel (in northwestern Pa.) was smart and had placed an order from Harry and David’s and waited for the postman to arrive.

He obviously wasn’t pleased.

From The Associated Press:

OIL CITY, Pa. (AP) – Letter carriers occasionally have to deal with angry dogs or maybe even a spider’s nest in a mailbox, but a mean squirrel? Barb Dougherty, a 30-year Postal Service employee, said she was attacked and bitten Monday by a squirrel while delivering mail in Oil City, about 75 miles north of Pittsburgh.

“It was a freak thing. It was traumatic,” Dougherty told The Derrick in Oil City. “I saw it there on the porch, put the mail in the box and turned to walk away and it jumped on me.”

The animal ran up her leg and onto her back, she said.

Granted, the squirrel never got his nut order. The squirrel was shot by animal control officers and checked for rabies, and the carrier got shots as a precaution. (Link)

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