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November 1, 2006

ABC News : Did Kerry Hand Republicans a November Gift?

It sure looks like it.

Ouch. Shades of ’04! Kerry’s now gone into hiding until the backlash tsunami blows over.

Whether not he meant the reference to slam the President as being less-than-intelligent academically (as in the President is stuck in Iraq), this just works to the GOP’s advantage as another distraction for voters and a motivator for the conservative base.

On Keith Olbermann’s Countdown last night, a Democrat politico said that the GOP’s efforts of “swift-boating” Kerry, a candidate who’s not even running, was the best they could do to distract people from serious issues, like the Mark Foley scandal and the President’s performance/approval ratings.

Oh, that’s right….both Foley and the President aren’t running either….

*sigh*… I’ll be in my bunker until Nov. 8…

But, Olbermann’s investigation about Democrats measuring the drapes was funny. Chuckled out loud while devouring leftover Reese’s Cups.

[UPDATE: Kerry called in to the Don Imus radio show (simulcast on MSNBC) to explain his comment. Imus gave him some good advice. The clip is below]


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