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Wii are all things…

October 31, 2006

The answer to solving world piece is the Nintendo Wii.

Wii console and controllerAt least, that’s how the latest press surrounding the launch of Nintendo’s new video game console is portraying it. It debuts Nov. 19.

Granted, I’m smitten with the Wii and Sony’s new Playstation 3 (coming Nov. 17). I’m like a little kid about video games (despite the fact that both Nintendo and Sony are targeting older demographics). Both are leaps ahead in technology for video gaming, and I’d love to own both of them, but my wife keeps muttering something about getting the roof fixed…

Today, both the New York Times (registration required for this link) and SiliconEra blog have posted stories about Nintendo’s efforts to court older gamers.

And I’m not talking about 30-somethings … try 60-somethings.

At the Life@50+ convention sponsored by AARP, in Anaheim, Calif., Nintendo’s booth is drawing lots of interest. One of the Wii’s unique draws is the system’s motion-sensing controller. So playing a game of bowling or tennis actually involves swinging the game controller (seen in this show clip), which looks like a TV remote. And hey, who doesn’t like to bowl for free at home? SiliconEra reports that the $250 price of the system didn’t seem too pricey for the show attendees.

Some people have a problem with the Wii’s motion-sensing abilities, including Matt from Destructoid blog, who think that the sports games allow “cheating” and don’t reward players going through the full motion of a racket swing or a baseball pitch with better on-screen results. Personally, I’d rather not have to ice my elbow down after pitching a game of Wii baseball, but that’s just me.

For the 20-something set, convincing your significant other that a $250 video game system is needed can be daunting. Infendo mentions a Wii note in Men’s Health magazine, that the Wii’s motion games may be the perfect “gateway” to get your wife/girlfriend/girlfriend’s cute roommate involved in your video game playtime, thus achieving household peace and harmony. Says columnist Nicole Beland:

“Calling her over to watch you pistol whip a hooker in GTA or solve the riddle of the moon druids in Myst IV is not the way. Maybe you should buy that new Nintendo system with the stupid name, Wii. It was designed to suck video-dissing women into the virtual world.”

Hey, it beats wasting away on the couch during a Madden marathon as your wife walks by, shaking her head disdainfully.

Though, I totally agree about the name. The console was previously known by its code name “Revolution,” and was changed specifically to attract non-gamers. And so I can hear my wife say “Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” mockingly ever time I mention the system.

At least she knows the name. So Nintendo, congrats! You’ve reached your objective.


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