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Halloween: Part 3

October 31, 2006

As a journalist, Al Tompkins’ Morning Meeting blog at Poynter Online is a treasure. Every morning, Tompkins collects the most interesting story ideas from around the country and lets newsrooms in both TV and print know of ways they can localize the issue for their viewers/readers. Journalists can have it e-mailed right to them as they drink their morning coffee.

Circus peanuts ... scourge of Halloween ghosts everywhereAl’s Halloween update today leads us to a article about a candy taste test by the youth of today, who prefer the “fun size” chocolate goodies. They’d rather pass on the fruit and raisins.

As for me when I was a kid, god help you if you passed out those orange “circus peanut” marshmellows. That was a call for toilet paper prankage if there ever was one.

And more candy stats from Al from today’s post:

The National Confectioners Association maintains two Web sites: Candy USA, a consumer site, and, which is aimed at businesses and the media. The first site backs up MY contentions:

  • Bite-sized chocolate candies are the [m]ost popular type of candy to be included in Halloween activities (76 percent), followed by bite-sized non-chocolate candies (30 percent).
  • Twenty-six percent of households will include full-size candy (chocolate and non-chocolate) in their Halloween activities.
  • Kids tell us that their favorite treats to receive when trick-or-treating are candy and gum. Eighty-four percent of kids said candy and gum are their favorites.
    • Chocolate preferred by 50 percent
    • Non-chocolate candy, 24 percent
    • Gum, 10 percent
  • Kids’ least favorite items to get in their trick-or-treat bags were fruit and salty snacks like chips and pretzels.
    • Fruit, 1 percent
    • Salty snacks, 1 percent
    • Toys, 2 percent
    • Baked goods such as cookies/granola bars, 2 percent
    • Other, 2 percent
    • Don’t know, 5 percent
    • Don’t trick-or-treat, 3 percent
  • Ninety percent of parents admit to sneaking goodies from their kids’ Halloween trick-or-treat bags.
  • Parents’ favorite treats to sneak from their kids’ trick-or-treat bags are snack-size chocolate bars (70 percent sneak these), candy-coated chocolate pieces (40 percent), caramels (37 percent) and gum (26 percent).
  • Parents’ least favorite goodie to take from their kids’ trick-or-treat bags is licorice (18 percent).

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