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Halloween fun: Part 2

October 31, 2006

I’m listening to Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning, and he’s stumbled on a few pressing, very humorous issues this Halloween. Let me run through them in rapid fire…

  1. Fun size is NOT fun“Fun Size” candy bars are NOT FUN! King-size bars are FUN! Totally in agreement. Bigger the better! Candycandycandycandy…
  2. Glenn was never big on the UNICEF change collections for the needy at Halloween. He thinks it was unfair for kids to give up their candy day to collect money for the United Nations agency, especially since the UN has had corruption trouble. I remember stories of the older kids just pocketing the money after collecting in the neighborhood, and buying their own candy. Not cool!
  3. There are very few costumes for women that are not “sexy” or “slutty.” Good call. College Humor hit on this point with a parody commercial a few weeks ago (Warning: commercial’s language is PG-13).
  4. Kids can dress as devils in public schools for Halloween, but watch controversy ensue if a child dresses as an angel. Can’t speak for experience here, since I went to Catholic grade school, and 30% of costumes on Halloween were a saint or angel, mostly due to the kingly ransom of chocolate put up as first place by the pastor in the “most-religious” costume contest. My St. Francis of Assisi outfit with a trail of stuffed animals on a string dragging behind me didn’t win me the goodies.

Also, some more links to add to the Halloween fun…

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