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You get a card! YOU get a card! Everyone gets cards!

October 30, 2006

Oprah!Saw this note about Oprah from the AP today.

CHICAGO (AP) – Oprah Winfrey has famously given members of her audience new cars, paid off their debts and fulfilled their wildest dreams. Now she’s given them what she calls the “gift of giving back.”

On a show that aired Monday, Winfrey gave more than 300 audience members $1,000 debit cards sponsored by the Bank of America to donate to a charitable cause.

So Oprah gives out over $300,000 of her own money to her audience, and tells them to go spend it on charity. I wonder if she did any memorable histrionics, like her famous “You get a car! … You get a car!” giveaway?

Not that I’m knocking this idea. That’s cool. Any little bit of charity helps. But the people that won part of that $7 MILLION in automobiles had to pay taxes on their prizes, some to the point where they couldn’t keep the cars they won.

So, do these audience members have to pay the income tax on this $1,000? Or are all of these people getting debit cards with Oprah’s name on them, and she’ll pick up the tax tab? (Note: AP notes that the cards are sponsored by Bank of America, so it may all be tax-free after all)
The other thing to note here: She also gave each audience member a “DVD Recorder” to document their giving. Wonder if AP meant DVD camcorder? A DVD Recorder won’t record video unless a camera is attached.

But look for a “very special” Oprah around Christmas time to show the results of this grand Oprah experiment.

Now how do I fill out these non-profit organization forms????


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