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One small set of keystrokes for man…

October 30, 2006

Hello world!

Greetings. Salutations. Etc.

Neil says Hello World!This is the first entry in my Hard Drive Life at LancasterOnline. It’s the first entry in LancasterOnline blog history. It’s probably the greatest lamest first post in blogging history.

Actually, it’s quite commonplace. Many blogs start out their first post with “Hello World.” No kidding. A small number of other blogs start out paraphrasing Neil Armstrong’s first words on the moon, like I tried to do in the title of this posting.

More after the break…

Well, it was worth a try. At least Neil had lots of time to practice his famous words beforehand, and I just am writing off the cuff, as bloggers do.

So what’s this blog all about? I am a true child of the Internet. I just started to experience the World Wide Web at home in the summer of 1994, as my family got our first Acer Pentium Pro PC (75 Mhz, if I recall) and our first opportunity to experience the utter joy of 14.4 kbps Internet from America Online. Oh, is it still busy??!?!?!

Then, in college, I got my first true academic experience using the World Wide Web in the meteorology labs at Millersville University. Spent time searching for weather info, sports scores on, and other strictly academic pursuits

Then I moved on to chat sessions on terminal systems with other college students around the country (who also had access to this new emerging technology and faster Internet than what local dial-up could provide … and were geeking out!)

Line still busy? Call again later….

So now, as a professional journalist, I use that very Internet I fell in love with back in college to make a living. My wife, ironically, is also involved in the Internet for her career choice, as a system analyst for a government agency (she knows “Big Brother” and has had happy-hour drinks with him).

So, while my first love is my wife (or else!), my second life is the ‘Net. And I’ll be glad to share with you the latest and greatest discoveries on my journeys through it.

By the way, my wife’s second love is her Macbook Pro. Grrr … I hate competition!

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